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How to add a Pre-recorded Live Stream after a Countdown?

Written by Alex
Updated 2 months ago

There are cases when you want to show the countdown right before the beginning of your pre-recorded live stream. In order to do so, take the following steps: 

1. Setup a Countdown layer and click on Scenes at the bottom.

2. Click on Plus Icon to add a new Scene with your Pre-recorded video.

3. Make a tick on 'Instant Scenes Switch' and add a Video layer.

4. Launch your stream, by clicking on 'Go Live' button.

5. Once you're ready to switch from a Countdown to your Pre-recorded video, just click on a scene, and it will be synchronized with live right away. 

Note: When the stream is live, you'll see a Red dot in the corner of the scene, which is currently synchronized and displayed in your stream.  

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