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How to launch a Countdown Clock before a Live Stream?

Written by Alex
Updated 4 months ago

There are cases when you want to show the countdown right before the beginning of your actual live stream. In order to do so, take the following steps: 

1. Setup a Countdown layer and click on Scenes at the bottom.

2. Click on Plus Icon to add a new Scene.

3. Activate the AutoSync mode and add a New Video Layer.

Note: If you make any changes within a scene (f.e. dragging or removing layers) while AutoSync Mode is active, all the changes will be SYNCed and visible to your audience right away.
If you don't want to synchronize any changes automatically, you can do it manually by clicking Sync with Live button instead.

4. Choose Web Cam (Make sure that your Microphone is connected too). If you have an external microphone, add an Addiotnal layer (click Audio > Microphone).

5. Launch your stream, by clicking on 'Go Live' button.

6. Once you're ready to switch from a Countdown to an actual Live, just click on a scene, and it will be synchronized with live right away. 

Note: When the stream is live, you'll see a Red dot in the corner of the scene, which is currently synchronized and displayed in your stream. 

Note: In case you experience any technical issues with Audio/Video, please follow this short instruction.

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