How to add a Pre-recorded Live Stream after a Countdown?

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There are cases when you want to show the countdown right before the beginning of your pre-recorded live stream. In order to do so, take the following steps: 

1. Setup a Countdown layer and click on Scenes at the bottom.

Click countdown scenes

2. Click on Plus Icon to add a new Scene with your Pre-recorded video.

Countdown plus icon

3. Add a Video Layer and upload your video file

Optional: If you want to switch from a pre-recorded video to a Pre-recorded video manually, activate AutoSync Mode. Once you're ready to make a switch, just click on a Pre-recorded scene, and it will be synchronized with live right away. 

Note: If you make any changes within a scene (f.e. dragging or removing layers) while AutoSync Mode is active, all the changes will be SYNCed and visible to your audience right away.

Add new video layer

4. Press on the first Scene with a Countdown > select Countdown layer on the right sidebar.

Select countdown layer

5. At the right bottom corner, select to which scene you'd like to switch after a countdown. 

Select layer to switch

6. Press Go Live button when you're ready to launch your stream. With these settings, once your countdown stops, your video will start playing automatically.

Countdown go live

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