What is Instafeed and how to use it?

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How to connect Instafeed in the LiveReacting Studio ⬆️

Instafeed is a third-party service provider that allows us to connect to your Instagram account. 

🛑 Important to Know:

⚠️ Make sure to have a Two-Factor Authentication on your Instagram for the best security. Although Instafeed doesn't store your login/password, Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security. Enabling Two-Factor Authentication will reduce issues with logging into your account and minimize stream interruptions.

⚠️ 4h per stream — this is Instagram limitation for live broadcasting at this moment. Not all accounts have this feature enabled. If your account still not updated - host few 1h streams to speedup this update.

⚠️ Instafeed offers 5 free streams for a single Instagram account. If you use up all your free streams, the next stream will not start, unless you upgrade. To stream more often, packs of 5, 10, 50, and 100 streams for €5, €10, €40, €70 are available for purchase directly on their platform. Unlimited streams — €100 monthly. 

⚠️ When your stream is live on Instagram, DO NOT use your Instagram account, as it may cause interruption.

⚠️ It's not possible to view your own stream using your Instagram account. You can watch it and manage comments directly from LiveReacting, or use another IG account to just view it.


Is it safe to use this app❓

🟢 Instafeed DOES NOT save login and password, so it can not leak. Besides that, when you have a 2-Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram account, it makes it 100% safe.

Is there any possible interruptions❓

🟢 Sometimes users may experience difficulties with a log in. It may happen to users who's Instagram account is new (recently created). In this case, we recommend waiting a few days and try again. Also, it may happen after changing the password. In this case, we recommend waiting for a few hours and the issue should be resolved.

You can also check this website for possible Instagram outages. 

How to secure your Instagram account with a Two-factor authentication❓

🟢 Follow this Instagram tutorial to enable the Two-factor authentication.

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