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How to stream to multiple pages at the same time?

Stream video to multiple pages in just a few clicks
Written by Alex
Updated 2 months ago

In order to stream to multiple pages at the same time, you can crosspost your stream, or duplicate the same project for streaming to several destinations simultaniously (FB or Youtube pages).

*Note: Streaming to each destination is charged separately. 

Multiple pages streaming feature is NOT available for Trivia Game, Last Comment game, Polls, and when you stream actual live from a camera.

Step 1

After you created your video project, connect one of your pages in the Settings. Fill out all the necessary information, and click Save at the bottom. 

Step 2

After you saved the settings, you can either click GO LIVE button to stream immediately, or you can do it later (your Project and its Settings will remain saved). In case you scheduled the stream, you'll see SCHEDULE LIVE button instead. 

Step 3

Go to your Studio and click on Duplicate Icon on the same project. We recommended to name the projects, so you can easily find them in the future.

Step 4

Now your project is dublicated. Click on it to access.

Step 5 

Click on Settings icon, and connect another page. Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to finalize the project.

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