How to control your Trivia Game when it's live?

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

We've added a couple of new features, that would allow you to take a better control over your live Trivia Game. So, here is more detailed explanation of how these features work:

1. Pause Game

If you want to take a break, you can just click on Pause Game button. Meanwhile, you can either simply keep it paused, or switch to another activity (actual live, pre-recorded, etc.), and come back again later. 

Trivia game pause button

2. Skip to next question

If, for some reason, you want to switch to the next question, without waiting until the round ends, you can easily do it by pressing on this button.

Trivia game skip to question button

3. Display Leaderboard at any time

If you've streamed a few rounds and want to give your audience a quick look at who's leading in the game, you can press Display Leaderboard on the right side bar to access the leaderboard. The game will be paused and the results will be displayed. Once you're ready to continue with the game, click Hide Leaderboard.

4. Check out correct answer 

This feature is especially useful, if you're running a Trivia with a Host. While you're being focused on hosting the game, you can easily look up a correct answer, and get ready for the next question in one place. 

Trivia game check correct unswer

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