Generate questions for Trivia Game with AI

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

Now, you can let AI generate questions for your Trivia Games. With its ability to process large amounts of data, it can quickly gather information and develop a wide range of questions & answers covering a variety of topics. This feature helps to save you a lot of time and effort while also providing a variety of exciting and challenging questions for players.

How to generate Questions & Answers with AI?

  • Open the Questions Configuration menu in your Trivia Game.
  • Choose AI instead of LiveReacting database.
  • Choose your language (56 languages available).
  • Type in any Category.
  • Click Generate new questions.
If you want to re-generate specific questions, click the 'Generate new question' icon on the question you wish to change.

While using AI for question & answer generation, we recommend you review them to ensure the questions with answers are accurate.
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