For how long can I stream?

Written by Alex
Updated 1 month ago

Streaming duration limits vary depending on the platform. If the platform supports shorter streams than you plan to run, you can schedule multiple streams to follow one another. For instance, if you want to stream on Facebook for 16 hours but the limit is 8 hours per stream, you can schedule two streams—one to go live when the other stops. These are the streaming limits per platform:

  • Facebook: 8 hours.
  • Instagram: Depends on your account, it's either 4h or 1h. 
  • YouTube: No duration limit, but streams over 12 hours won’t be archived.
  • Twitch: 48 hours.
  • LinkedIn: 4 hours.
  • X: No duration limit.
  • TikTok: No duration limit (if you have access to a stream key).
  • Kick: No duration limit, but only the first 48 hours will be saved as a VOD.
  • Custom RTMP: Limits depend on the platform. Verify with your specific platform for details.

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