How to upload your video files directly from a link?

Paste a link to your files on Dropbox, Google Drive or Youtube, and we'll upload it for you.
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This feature is available only to the monthly subscribers

You can upload your file using a link by clicking on 'Add file from Google Drive, Dropbox or Youtube' in the Media Library.

Youtube Upload 

Make sure that your video on Youtube is Public or Unlisted. If the video is Private, we won't be able to retrive it. 

Access Settings of your video and on the right side bar change its Privacy and click Save.

Copy a link to a video from the browser.

Google Drive Upload

Dropbox Upload

1. If you see 'Only you have access' line under the file, you need to make it visible for us too, so we can retrive the file. First you need to click on Share button.

2. Click on Link for viewing > Create link > Save

3. Now anyone with this link can view the file. Copy the link, and paste it in our Media Library.

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