How to stream to multiple pages at the same time?

Stream video to multiple pages in just a few clicks
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In order to stream to multiple pages at the same time, you can crosspost your stream, or select multiple destinations in the Studio, including FB an Youtube.

The number of destinations you can multistream to, depending on your plan:

Free Plan: 1 destination

Pay As You Go Plan: 1 destination

Small Plan: 2 destinations

Medium Plan: 5 destinations

Large Plan: 10 destinations

Enterprise Plan: 20 destinations

While multistreaming to many pages, you'd be charged as you're streaming to 1 destination. For example, you multistream to 4 pages (the stream is 3h long); in this case, you'll spend only 1 credit. 

Once you selected destinations for the multistreaming and saved it in Settings, you can hover over this icon to check information about streams and their status anytime.

Once your streams are live, you can select a page to interact with users right from the Studio. If you select ALL, then your comment will be published on all the pages where you multistream.

If you multistream interactive elements (like Trivia Game, Polls, other games), LiveReacting will consider comments from all the pages. Note: if you're streaming to groups or events created via a group, make sure to ask users to permit LiveReacting to access their name and picture.

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