Automatic Scene Switch

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

You can automate your live stream by setting the order of each scene, so they automatically play one after another. 

Let's take a look at how it works:

For example, you want to stream a Countdown followed by 2 different Pre-Recorded videos (Scene 1 and Scene 2).

1. Click on a Scene with a countdown, click Countdown Layer. 

2. On the right sidebar, click on a drop-down menu under Automatically switch to scene and select the scene to which you'd like to switch.

We selected Scene 1, so once the countdown stops, Scene 1 will start playing automatically.

3. In order to automate a switch from Scene 1 to Scene 2, click on Scene 1, choose Video Layer, and in a drop-down menu, select Scene 2. 

Note: You can automate scenes that include only Pre-recorded video or a Countdown. For example, you can set a video scene followed by a Trivia Game, not vice versa. If you want a Trivia Game to be followed by a countdown, you'd have to switch it manually.
If your Countdown scene includes a video on the background and you want this scene to be followed by another scene automatically, make sure to set the automation in a Countdown layer and NOT in a Video layer, otherwise your countdown will stop playing as soon as the video is over.

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