Automatic Scene Switch

Written by Alex
Updated 5 months ago

You can automate your live stream by setting the order of each scene, so they automatically play one after another. This feature works for almost all stream elements, including Trivia Game, Word Search, Closest Guess, Crossword, and Giveaway (only when timer feature is enabled).

Let's take a look at how it works:

For example, you want to stream a Countdown followed by 2 different Pre-Recorded videos (Scene 1 and Scene 2).

1. Click on a Scene with a countdown, click Countdown Layer. 

2. On the right sidebar, click on a drop-down menu under Automatically switch to scene and select the scene to which you'd like to switch.

We selected Scene 1, so once the countdown stops, Scene 1 will start playing automatically.

3. In order to automate a switch from Scene 1 to Scene 2, click on Scene 1, choose Video Layer, and in a drop-down menu, select Scene 2. 

If your Countdown scene includes a video on the background and you want this scene to be followed by another scene automatically, make sure to set the automation in a Countdown layer and NOT in a Video layer, otherwise your countdown will stop playing as soon as the video is over.

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