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My FB page/group isn't showing when I try to connect it in the Studio.

Written by Alex
Updated 2 months ago

If you previously granted access only to one of your pages but now you want to add a new one this instruction should help you.

To add a new business or group page:

  1. Go to FB business tools
  2. Find "LiveReacting" in the list of the apps and click on the "View and edit". (Try search if you don't see it)  
  3. Now activate your page in all 3 sections ("Manage your Pages", "Show a list of the Pages you manage", "Publish as Pages you manage").
  4. IMPORTANT: you have to activate your page in all 3 sections otherwise it won't work.
  5. Done. You should be able to connect your page in LiveReacting Studio now.

In case it didn't help, you can revoke FB app permissions on the profile page.

Be aware that it'll completely reset all permissions, and if you have a scheduled post, you must reschedule it after the revoke.

Please, contact our support team if your problem isn't resolved

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