Word Search Plugin

Written by Alex
Updated 2 years ago
This plugin is available only for Facebook Business Pages and Youtube. Other elements, besides the Word Search Game (trivia game, countdown, polls, etc.) can also be integrated.

The plugin is a great solution if you're used to work with software like OBS, StreamYard, vMix, etc. The benefits of using this plugin are the following:

  • You have more extensive range of features, while using any of the streaming softwares in combination with Word Search (like screen sharing, multiple hosts etc.)
  • You can easily integrate Word Search in your stream, without spending extra time on learning how LiveReacting works.
  • It's compatible with any streaming software. 

Here's how you can activate the Word Search Plugin in the LiveReacting Studio: 

1. Access your project with a Word Search, and click on Settings (Gear Icon)

2. Activate the plugin and copy the link

Word search game plugin activation

3. Once you've copied the link, you can integrate it in any software as web page input source. 

4. Afterwards, you just launch your stream in any of these softwares, and Start the game in the LiveReacting Studio.

Word search game start live

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