How does Word Search Game work?

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The game's main objective is to investigate a list of words supplied within the grid and find all the hidden ones.

Once a user finds and comments with the word that exists within the grid: 

  • the word will get highlighted inside of the live stream
  • user's name and profile picture will appear in the list of players
  • next to the user's name, you'll see which word the user found

How hidden words are arranged within the grid?

  • The words are arranged vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
  • The words are always read in left-to-right script.
  • Multiple words can be intersected (cross one another)
  • The words on the grid are generated randomly. 

Word search game main screen

Before launching the game, you can set up multiple rounds. Then, at the end of each round, we'll display a leaderboard with top players, their scores, and the words they guessed.

How do we calculate the scores? 

Users score based on the speed of providing correct answers during each round. The maximum number of points a user can get per round is 10; the minimum is 1 point.

For example: 

Let's say, your round lasts for 20 mins.

  • If a user provides the correct answer within the first 2 mins - they'll score 10 points.
  • Within 2-4 mins - they'll score 9 points.
  • Within 4-6 mins - they'll score 8 points, etc. 
If there's a tie at the end of the game (2 players scored equally), one will be placed on top of the leaderboard randomly. 

Word search game round results

At the end of the game, we'll display the final leaderboard, with each user's total amount of scores. 

Word search game final results

You can customize your Word Search Game with your branding (logo, colors) and stream it with a host by adding a Web Cam layer. You can also add this game in the middle of live streaming by adding it into one of your scenes

Word search game screen with web camera

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