Video Compression/Encoding Tutorial

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

Your video must align with FB Live requirements to be streamed properly. If it is not you can compress/encode it using this tutorial.

Solution #1

The easiest way is to use this online tool: VideoProc. You need to upload a video file and it'll compress and encode it automatically.

Solution #2

If the first solution doesn't work or you want more option to configure compression settings you can use Handbrake.

Here is step by step guide how to do it:

  1. Install Handbrake by choosing the version for your operating system from
  2. Open your video file in HandbrakeHandBrake open source
  3. Select Format MP4 fileHandBrake file format
  4. For Video Codec choose H.264 (x264)HandBrake video encoder
  5. Enter an Average Bitrate (kbps) for the video to be 4,000Handbrake average bitrate
  6. Hit the Start button and wait until the video has finished encodingHandBrake start
  7. Handbrake will let you know when it has finished. Now you can take encoded file and upload it on our site.
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