How to create a live poll with images or videos?

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1. Open LiveReacting Studio and create a New Project

LiveReacting create new project

2. Click New Layer and select a Poll box.

Add new poll layer

3. Choose Cards poll. 

Create poll cards type

4. You can edit column layout, choose votes or % as result unites.

Poll layer columns edit

5. Edit the poll by uploading your images, videos or gifs. Rename the options, and edit colors if necessary. 

Poll layer add images

6. You can other elements like video/webcam background, or text. In this poll we want to ask our audience a question, so we'd add large text. To add a text block, Click New Layer > Text.

Poll project add text layer

7. Type in your text, edit font & size and other elements of your text.

Poll layer visual edit

8. When you're ready to launch your poll, click Settings (Gear Icon at the top of the screen), connect your social account, enter title & description & duration, and scroll down to click Save.

Poll project add profile

9. Press Go Live button.

Poll project go live button

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