How does Live Poll work?

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Live Poll is a great instrument for live streaming, that helps to increase engagement, create a dialogue and spark a discussion. Besides that, the feedback you get from your viewers is invaluable, helping you shape future streams to connect with your audience even more.

How do users vote in a Live Poll?

Users vote using comments. If they see a suitable answer, they comment it in a comment section on Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch. Once they comment, LiveReacting takes their response into account immediately and updates the results automatically.  

LiveReacting accepts only the first answer as a vote. If a user comments one time, then charges their mind and comments another time, their 2nd answer will not be considered. 
If you use a poll with images, you can enable the function of displaying the pictures in order of the results. As soon as the results update, images with the higher score will be displayed in descending order. 

How do we identify users answers in the Live Poll?

Let's say a user wants to vote for 'Twix' in the below poll.

Poll with images

Here are acceptable options of comment:

"I love twix"
"twix it is"
"hmmm voting for Twix"

Not acceptable options of comment:


As you see, we ignore letter case and use only words that are written correctly to identify the answer.

If you want to reset poll results while your stream is still live, you can press the Reset results button, followed by the Sync with Live button in the right sidebar. All the previous votes will be erased, and users who already voted can vote again. 

Poll reset results button

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