How does the "Last Comment Win" game works

If you are looking for one timeline competition to really get some engagement going, then the "Last Comment Wins" is it.
Written by Alex
Updated 2 years ago

So how does it work?

  1. You have a timer. Let's say 120 seconds. Once your live video got the first comment, the timer starts counting down.
  2. Every time someone leaves a new comment, the timer resets to the original position (120 seconds), and we show the name and photo of 3 last commenters.

  3. If there are no new comments for the last 120 seconds, the last comment wins, the game stops, and we show the winner. If there is no winner and only 30 seconds left to the end of a predefined length of your live stream, we will choose the last comment at that moment as the winner.

That is it. Super simple but gets a ton of engagement because:

  1. You'll get a lot of comment since people will often comment to stay the last and win.
  2. People see their names and photos inside the live stream, which is quite compelling and exciting.
  3. Once a user leaves a comment, his friends see it on their newsfeed and most likely join the live game. It produces a viral effect on your live video, and you can get way more views than followers on your page.

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