How does Hidden Animals game work?

This easy to play and entertaining game triggers users to leave comments, and helps to create more awareness around your business or community.
Written by Alex
Updated 2 years ago

How does the game work?

  1. You launch a stream with an image that contains 24 hidden animals.
  2. Once a user finds a hidden animal and comments their answer, their profile and a comment will be shown inside of the livestream, with an indicator wether the answer was correct or not.
  3. The profile of the user who found an animal and was the first to answer correctly, will appear in the list and remain there until the end of the game.

How Hidden Animals game can help you in generating engagement?

  • This game creates a challenge for viewers to find the hidden objects, especially if you can offer some rewards for the winner/s.
  • Users see their profile photos and names right inside the live stream, which is quite compelling and exciting.
  • Once a user leaves a comment, it will be visible on timeline of their friends, and they'll most likely join the live game too. It produces a viral effect on your live video, and you can get way more views than followers on your page.
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