How does Giveaway for Live Streams work?

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These are the mechanics of a Giveaway in a Live Stream:

          1. You configure the giveaway and add it at any point of your live show (in the beginning/in the middle/etc).
          2. Viewers type the Entry Word (comment that viewers need to type in order to enter) which you previously set. 
          3. Whenever someone joins a giveaway, their profile photo appears on the screen. You can also enable an animated notification for each new entry, so a popup notification box appears on the screen whenever someone joins the giveaway.
          4. You can also set a timer to automatically select a winner within a specific time frameThe system automatically announces the winner, displaying their name and profile photo and salutation animation. 
          5. If you don't add a timer, you can press the Draw Winner button to let the system randomly pick one. You can draw winner multiple times. Every time the system will pick a new winner.

Example of the Live Giveaway on Facebook:

These are the configurations of Giveaway that you can edit: 

  • Instructions.
  • Entry Word.
  • Display every new entry (optional).
  • Display timer (optional).
  • Add prize Title, Image or a Video.
  • Exclude some users from Winners.
  • Change colors, font.
You can add a layer with a giveaway on a live or a pre-recorded stream, image or a fun video. 

This is how a giveaway may look on top of a live video:

You can also switch to a compact mode, so your giveaway takes less space in the stream:

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