How to go live on a Facebook Group after April 22?

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Recently, Meta rolled out version 19.0 of the Facebook Graph API and announced their plan to discontinue third-party access to Facebook Groups on April 22, 2024.

What Does This Mean?

Until April 22, you'll be able to continue using LiveReacting to create and schedule live streams directly in a Facebook Group, as well as utilise interactive elements such as trivia games, polls, and so on.

From April 22 onwards, connecting a Facebook Group as a destination in LiveReacting will no longer be possible. However, you can still use LiveReacting's stream key feature to go live in Facebook Groups. This means that streaming to Facebook groups will still be possible, though interactive features will be unavailable due to the loss of the ability to retrieve live comments from the Groups.

Streaming to Business or Personal Page will continue to work fine.

How to go live in a Facebook Group using a Stream Key?

1. Go to your Facebook Group, choose Events and Create Event.

2. Name it, choose Virtual and Facebook Live.

3. Tap on Set up live video.

4. Choose Streaming Software and copy your unique stream key.

5. Scroll down a little and copy the Server URL (You can also do this step later).

6. Go to your LiveReacting project and tap on a Gear Icon (Settings).

7. Choose Custom RTMP.

8. Paste earlier copied Stream Key and Stream URL and connect.

9. Click Go Live when you're ready.

10. Go back to Facebook and click Go live now.

Now, the stream is live in our Facebook Group:

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