How to use Closest Guess Game Plugin with Xsplit

Written by Alex
Updated 1 year ago

1. Open your Closest Game Settings, make a tick on the following box, and copy the generated link. 

Closest guess game activate Xsplit plugin mode

2. Open your XSplit Studio, click Add Source button at the bottom, and choose Webpage.

Closest guess Xsplit add webpage source

3. Enter the copied URL and press OK.

Xsplit add closest guess game plugin webpage url

4. You'll see the following notification, which means that your Closest Game is successfully integrated in XSplit. Nevertheless, the layer with a game will be invisible, and the game won't start until you launch it in LiveReacting Studio.

Xsplit closest guess plugin integrated successfully message

5. Now, you just launch your stream via XSplit, go back to your Closest Game project in the LiveReacting Studio, and click on Start.

Closest guess game project click Start

Now your Closest Game must be visible to everyone. When the game is over, you can easily remove the screen with Closest Game by going back to the Studio, and clicking on End Stream button.

Xsplit main screen with Closest guess live

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